The First Single

Welcome to music is my forte – a place where I’ll share my undying almost absurd obsession of music with you.

New finds, old loves, unknown up and comers, well knowns, concerts, music in film/television, the worst of the worst, the best of the best and maybe even a few ‘eh, it takes a few listens to like.’ – my opinions, my suggestions, my first love; all laid out for you in a nifty little blog.

I’m not here to tell you what music you should like but I am here to tell you what music you might like.  With thousands of music genres and an endless industry of talented people – everyone’s an expert, right? Wrong.  I, my friends, am no expert, but a mere ‘music head’ with a severe hunger to share my thoughts.

I want you to leave here everyday with a good sound in your ears (as you would, ‘a good taste in your mouth’) with something new to listen to, a song that defines your day or week or life, a quote that will get you by and, of course, a desire to come back for more. As it says in Time Out New York’s book 1,000 Songs To Change Your Life; Music is everywhere we turn, unavoidable and inescapable.  It provides a soundtrack for adolescence and adulthood, Saturday nights and Sunday mornings, relationships and break-ups, lives and deaths.  Its simple ubiquity makes it the cultural air that we breathe.”

Until next time!


“So let’s cause a scene, clap our hands and stomp our feet.” (‘The First Single’ by The Format)


posted by Keegan Vance Forte at 3:45pm on Wednesday, Oct 21, 2009


1 Response to “The First Single”

  1. 1 Kiira October 21, 2009 at 5:55 pm

    go get ’em keegs. looking forward to jamming out with you on this new platform. cheers!

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