Sweet Baby James

James Yuill Cover

Music Supervision – or the act of combining music with visual media – absolutely blows me away. Genius.

For me, Grey’s Anatomy takes the cake (for TV that is).  Let’s face it – those are some messed up ‘dark and twisty’ peeps – but how uninteresting would it have been for Meredith to have her hand, on a bomb, in someone’s stomach, pull it out, have the McHottie bomb squad guy walk it down the hall, just to blow up – if it weren’t for Anna Nalick’s “2AM.” OK, OK, so that’s not such an uninteresting scene, BUT, give it another watch and don’t even try to tell me that it doesn’t stir up your emotions.

Anyway, over the years I have fallen madly in love with the music that is integrated into each Grey’s episode.  The people over at ABC were so kind as to create a ‘music lounge’ where each song is neatly posted with title, artist and a scene description – every Friday I frequent this fantastic find (alliteration is catchy, huh?) and in a snap they’re downloaded and on the pod for my enjoyment.  All of this being said; season 6 episode 1 opened up a whole new world of light to me: James Yuill.

I knew I liked him off the bat – but one listen to his MySpace had me hooked. The best part? He makes 2 versions of most of his songs; the ‘fire’ version and the ‘earth’ version. He implements head-bobbing, toe-tapping, feel-good beats into his songs and then strips them into soothing acoustic bliss. Watch him make me fall in love here with “No Surprise.”  The original song that grabbed me during Grey’s? Listen here: “This Sweet Love”

Oh yeah, just to get your emotions in a twist:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5cVB8Kqcuw


“He sings out a song, which is soft but it’s clear. As if maybe someone could hear.” (‘Sweet Baby James’ by James Taylor)


posted by: Keegan Vance Forte at 3:29pm on Thursday, Oct 22, 2009


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