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I am going to make this short and sweet, because the audio will speak for itself.

Back in August a friend brought to my attention that Adam ‘DJ AM’ Goldstein posted a few of his sets to; that friend kindly shared the link with me.  I was blown away.  I knew he was talented – I had heard his stuff before and clearly he wouldn’t have been at the level he was if there wasn’t some serious skill involved – but geez louise this was some good stuff.

The first batch came with 5 mixes each about an hour long – downloadable straight to your iTunes.  About a week later I got 1 more mix just as long, just as good.  Another week after that we lost DJ AM.  Unfortunately, it’s when people pass away that their life’s work sometimes becomes more recognized and more appreciated, but these sets don’t stand out to me because he’s gone … they stand out to me because they are over 6 hours of pure genius.

The link to the first 5:

The link to the second 1:

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


“There shouldn’t be this ring of silence, but what are the options? When someone great is gone.” (‘Someone Great’ by LCD Soundsystem)


posted by: Keegan Vance Forte at 4:45pm on Tuesday, Oct 27, 2009


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