Subway Songs: 10.28

  1. Think of You” A Fine Frenzy –> Her voice gets me every time and her lyrics always tell a story – a story that you will choose to hear over and over and over again.
  2. The Soldier” M. Craft –> Bon Iver? Are you there? – No, it’s M. Craft – although having lack of an original ‘voice’ in this particular song, he is original when it comes to the song itself – he’s an excellent artist.
  3. All We Want, Baby, Is Everything” Handsome Furs –> They might be confused as to what decade they’re in – A dash of The Killers, throw a little sprinkle of U2 in there, maybe a splash of The Cure and ta-da – you’ve cooked up a perfect serving of this song.
  4. Gronlandic Edit” Of Montreal –> I love his voice, I love how the song flows and I love the weirdness. You won’t be able to help but bob your head
  5. Ring Them Bells (Bob Dylan Cover)” Sufjan Stevens –> Made for the movie “I’m Not There” (based on Bob Dylan), there is so much talent here.  From the opening piano riff, to the unpredictable change in tempos, to the big as broadway use of the horn = a great listen.
  6. I’m A Pilot” Fanfarlo –> There is so much I like about Fanfarlo, they just have all around talent when it comes to their music – I can just picture the perfect scene in a film or TV show that “I’m a Pilot” would perfectly compliment.
  7. Trial & Error” Peter Kirk –> Swift use of the keyboard and a contemporary sound that seems to grasp just the right amount of 80’s elements while keeping it pop – oh … and. his. voice. rocks.


posted by: Keegan Vance Forte at 2:17pm on Wednesday, Oct 28, 2009


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