Some Kind of Wonderful












HOLY. CRAP. Ok, so it’s not all that often that I’ll write about a hip/hop artist.  Not because I don’t like the music, but because there is rarely a new hip/hop artist that jumps out at me enough to listen to every song they have … on repeat, then share with my friends.

Tu Phace – “unique blends of indie rock, electro, hip-hop, and soul.” HEELLLLOOOO – that description alone should make you want to at least check him out.  With a 5-piece band behind him, a great look, and the energy in his songs to match the vibrant colors on his myspace – he’s bound to make it huge. In his own words written under ‘Sounds Like,’ he writes ‘a whole lot of funky fly shhhhh…’ I couldn’t think of a better way to describe it myself.

Tuphace 2

Taken from Tu Phace's MySpace

Tuphace 3

Taken from Tu Phace's MySpace.

Unfortunately, I can’t find a site yet that offers a download of any of his songs, but once that’s available to the public, I see Tu Phace becoming a major staple at any party. (I will update once I find a place to download his songs).


“Can I get a witness?” (‘Some Kind of Wonderful’ by Grand Funk Railroad)


posted by: Keegan Vance Forte at 5:20pm on Thursday, Oct 29, 2009


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