Subway Songs: 10.30

Headache, ouch. But still, I’d rather have music blaring in my ears then listen to that man on the subway preach about God and then tell me I’m going to hell when I die (true story).  So – I kept it a bit easy on the ears today with some relaxing tunes and calming voices.  Who needs Advil when you’ve got Ray LaMontagne? By the end of my commute I went from headache, ouch … to headache? Pshhh.

  1. Sirensong” The Cure
  2. Let It Be Me” Ray LaMontagne
  3. All Of My Days” Alexi Murdoch
  4. Change” Blind Melon
  5. Life Is Water” Sim Redmond Band
  6. Song Beneath The Song” Maria Taylor
  7. Remind Me” Royksopp
  8. Secret Meeting” The National


posted by: Keegan Vance Forte at 2:32pm on Friday, Oct 30, 2009


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