Subway Songs: 11.4

And I’m back.  A weekend filled with BYOB Thai food, way too many Lady GaGas and Disney princesses, “Paranormal Activity,” and friends running the NYC Marathon – whoa.  I had to take a bit of a breather on Monday to get my head back on straight.  Anyway, I woke up this morning after my first good night’s sleep in a while and felt like I was bitten by the productive bug (it didn’t hurt, don’t worry).

I took my commute this morning as an opportunity to get some stuff done; I mean my dry cleaning was beginning to outnumber the clothes in my closet.  As I searched for the perfect birthday card for my Mom and brother, cried while I deposited my rent check, made the dry cleaner cry with the amount of clothes I dropped off and watched a stranger cry in Starbucks because her boyfriend was breaking up with her while I grabbed my morning coffee … I pressed play, let my iPod sit safely in my bag, and just let it roll.  Here was the outcome:


  1. Brain Leech” Alex Gopher
  2. The Suggestion Box” Aquedeuct
  3. I’ll Meet You There” Owl City
  4. Tribulations” LCD Soundsystem
  5. Mandolin Wind” Rod Stewart
  6. Golden Cage” Whitest Boy Alive
  7. Letter To My Son” Bloc Party
  8. Sad Sad City” Ghostland Observatory
  9. When That Evening Sun Goes Down” Van Morrison
  10. Make You Smile” +44
  11. Jealous Enemies” Dark Captain Light Captain
  12. Run My Mouth” Ra Ra Riot
  13. Amsterdam” Peter Bjorn & John
  14. Up On Cripple Creek” The Band
  15. Ragoo” Kings of Leon


posted by: Keegan Vance Forte at 12:42pm on Wednesday, Nov 4, 2009


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