Subway Songs 12.2

AAAAANNDD I’m back. December? Really?

Like any normal person I got so caught up in friends, family, turkey, wine and vacation that I let 2 weeks fly by, sheesh – thanks Kelly Clarkson for holding down the fort.

While on vacation I accumulated 432 ‘recently added’ tunes to my pod – you can imagine the spring in my step as I got back to life, back to reality (yep, just quoted En Vogue) with all of these new additions streaming through my ear speaks. I’m not even sure I’ve gotten through them all yet!

Although I call them ‘new additions’ it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re ‘new songs,’ some are even from the late 50s! That being said, I let shuffle rip today and here was the outcome:

  1. Hey Nineteen” Steely Dan
  2. Going To California” Led Zeppelin (that one’s for you Dani & Manning)
  3. My Night With A Prostitute From Marseille” Beirut
  4. Two More Years” Bloc Party
  5. Skeleton Boys” Friendly Fires
  6. DayGlo” Iglu & Hartly
  7. The Violet Hour” Sea Wolf
  8. Cleo’s Song” JBM – buy at AmieStreet!


posted by: Keegan Vance Forte at 3:36pm on Wednesday, Dec 2, 2009


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