Repeat Offender

I can say it loud and proud that I now want to marry a French man, in France while he’s playing a French guitar and singing to me … in French … Thomas Mars, marry me?

Who is Thomas Mars you ask? The lead singer of French Alt Rock band, Phoenix. OK so he loves Sophia Coppola but a girl can dream right?

Night #1: Wednesday 12/2/09 (101.9 WRXP Presents @ Hammerstein Ballroom)

Unfortunately, due to a prior engagement I wasn’t able to make it to Hammerstein early enough to see Manchester Orchestra or Jack’s Mannequin BUT don’t fret, got there just as Passion Pit was ‘Making Light’ (HA, punny right?).

To be honest, I don’t love Hammerstein Ballroom as a venue. It’s crowded, sweaty, expensive … wait, all venues are … but this one has a severe case of disorganization and it gives me a severe case of the franks.

Venue hating aside, the show itself was pretty damn dope (that’s right, dope).  Thing is, I don’t think I dislike even one Passion Pit or Phoenix song … so there will be no ill speak of the talent.  After the dweeby five-some was done making my heart beat to the tempo of their music they said goodnight and ever so humbly (I’ve never heard otherwise about them) introduced Phoenix to the stage.

Ahh Phoenix. Where do I begin? Finding out about their Grammy nomination minutes before taking the spotlight, they came out and like Passion Pit, pounded out hit after hit after hit after hit. The bookends were “Lisztomania” & “1901” – perfectly laid out to draw me in then send me off with a smile on my face and my ears ringing ‘fold it, fold it fooold iiiiit …’ The aesthetics of the show brought it to a whole new level; thank you strobe light for making my night all that more fun.

As I commuted home in the pouring rain with Jamie O in tow (1/4 of my roommates), I couldn’t help but brag that I was getting to see Phoenix AGAIN the next night at a super small concert put on by iheartradio. Big, huge, major apologies for the blur (and any harsh audio)…

“If I Ever Feel Better” by Phoenix

Passion Pit Live @ Hammerstein Ballroom 12.2.2009

Passion Pit Live @ Hammerstein Ballroom 12.2.2009

Phoenix Live @ Hammerstein Ballroom 12.2.2009

Phoenix Live @ Hammerstein Ballroom 12.2.2009

Phoenix Live @ Hammerstein Ballroom 12.2.2009

Phoenix Live @ Hammerstein Ballroom 12.2.2009

Hammerstein Ballroom NYC

Night #2: Thursday, 12/3/2009  (iheartradio Presents @ The PC Richard & Son Theater)

If you don’t know about iheartradio, you should.  It’s one of those sites that you’ll end up adding to your daily (most likely hourly) rounds of web surfing.  Listen to old favorites, pop songs that you haven’t gotten enough of on the radio, discover new/unsigned artists and stock up on all your music news … you’re in control and it’s a good feeling.

Now as for the show … clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap and so on and so on = my never-ending applause for this show on all fronts.

The Venue (PC Richard & Son Theater): Entry – seamless. Staff – pleasant as can be. Bathrooms – streak free shine. Odor – foul smell free. Lights & Sound – perfection.  Size, kidding? We may as well all have been sitting on the stage.

The Performance (Phoenix): “Lisztomania” – seamless. “Long Distance Call” – pleasant as can be. “Lasso” – streak free shine. “Girlfriend” – foul smell free.  “Playground Love” – perfection. And “1901” – well, I wish I actually was sitting on the stage…






The best thing about the PC Richard & Son Theater – aside from the not stale butter popcorn and oozing beer tap smell – is that there isn’t a bad place in the house to stand, I’m mentally applauding as I type.

I could not have walked away from either night with any better of a feeling and any more in love with music.

Like mentioned earlier, I hope you can forgive me for the bit of blurriness in the pictures and videos, my camera has been acting up.

“Lasso” by Phoenix

“Playground Love (partial)” by Phoenix

PC Richard & Son Theater NYC


Setlist and Sound Booth

Phoenix Live @ The PC Richard & Son Theater 12.3.2009

Thomas Mars of Phoenix

Phoenix @ The PC Richard & Son Theater 12.3.2009

Some Drummer Love

Snagged Some Setlists!

Cleanup Time @ The PC Richard & Son Theater

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the best sister ever, Katie, Paul M. and everyone else that made these 2 awesome and unforgettable nights happen for me! And props to Jamie O for a few of the pics.

Oh and by the way … still applauding.


“You have my word, there are only lies in my sincerity. I live in a world, that gives no meaning to integrity.” (‘Repeat Offender’ by Trapt)


posted by Keegan Vance Forte at 12:24pm on Saturday, Dec 5, 2009


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