Subway Post: 12.9

I was up entirely too early for my liking today.  I mean, I seriously frown upon having to get ready for my day when it’s still dark out … it’s just unnatural.  As my umbrella flew upward approximately 4 times, as I made the terrific realization that I left my wallet on my night stand and as I trekked through the rain pretty much barefoot in the worst shoes ever (womp, womp, womp)) … I took some deep breaths, held in my anger and listened to some music to calm my nerves:

Existentialism On Prom Night” Straylight Run

You Still Believe In Me” M. Ward

Road To Nowhere” Talking Heads

Today” Joshua James

Jeremy” Pearl Jam

Helicopter” Bloc Party

Sail Away” David Gray

Fake Empire” The National

Have Love Will Travel” The Black Keys

Joy Ride” The Killers

The Heinrich Maneuver” Interpol

Move” CSS

Strobe” Friendly Fires”

…sorry for the delay, the real world can be such a pain in the A.


posted by: Keegan Vance Forte at 4:03pm on Wednesday, Dec 9, 2009


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