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Can’t Keep It In

My anxiousness, excitement and anticipation is through the roof right now! MIGHT EXPLODE.

TONIGHT: WRXP Presents — Manchester Orchestra, Jack’s Mannequin, Passion Pit, Phoenix at Hammerstein Ballroom.

TOMORROW: iheartradio Presents — Phoenix @ The PC Richard & Son Theater (where my Kelly Clarkson post is from).

I have had all 4 bands on repeat … on repeat … on repeat, all day. Pictures, reviews, videos and downloads coming at ya over the next 2 days.

You know what they say … ‘from a mess to the masses’ … wooo hooo

For a sneak peek at my top 2 favs from each …

Manchester Orchestra:

The Only One

Tony The Tiger

Jack’s Mannequin:

Dark Blue

The Resolution

Passion Pit:

Moth’s Wings

Make Light

Phoenix (just 2 is tough eek…I’ll settle with 4):




If I Ever Feel Better

** I’d LOVE to know your thoughts on the shows if you’re going. Write to me!

** Picture taken from


“Oh I can’t keep it in. I can’t keep it in I’ve gotta let it out. I’ve got to show the world, world’s got to see, see all the love, love that’s in me.” (‘Can’t Keep It In’ by Cat Stevens)


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Subway Songs 12.2

AAAAANNDD I’m back. December? Really?

Like any normal person I got so caught up in friends, family, turkey, wine and vacation that I let 2 weeks fly by, sheesh – thanks Kelly Clarkson for holding down the fort.

While on vacation I accumulated 432 ‘recently added’ tunes to my pod – you can imagine the spring in my step as I got back to life, back to reality (yep, just quoted En Vogue) with all of these new additions streaming through my ear speaks. I’m not even sure I’ve gotten through them all yet!

Although I call them ‘new additions’ it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re ‘new songs,’ some are even from the late 50s! That being said, I let shuffle rip today and here was the outcome:

  1. Hey Nineteen” Steely Dan
  2. Going To California” Led Zeppelin (that one’s for you Dani & Manning)
  3. My Night With A Prostitute From Marseille” Beirut
  4. Two More Years” Bloc Party
  5. Skeleton Boys” Friendly Fires
  6. DayGlo” Iglu & Hartly
  7. The Violet Hour” Sea Wolf
  8. Cleo’s Song” JBM – buy at AmieStreet!


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Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic













Whether you want it to be public news or not – you KNOW ‘Since U Been Gone’ by Kelly Clarkson changed your life.  Boys, girls, men, women, senior citizens, toddlers, newborns, dogs, cats etc … it brought on a whole new era of girly music appropriate for and accepted by all.

All you need is that first line; “here’s the thing…we started out friends…” for the crowd (wherever it may be) to start jumping up and down and get that fist pumping.  Was it weird that the boy down the hall in your dorm AND your mom all could recite the words? I’m pretty sure my first time home after it was released my dog was barking the tune…

Dramatics aside, Kelly is fantastic.  She could care less about the harsh words said about her in the tabloids and just wants to be herself – throw killer, raw talent and her infectious personality into the mix, and a star is born.  Thank you America, for voting for Kelly Clarkson.

The purpose of this post is to share an experience that not many get to have; watch Kelly perform ALL of her hits + some, no more then 100 feet away.  Not only did that happen, but it all took place in the brand new P.C. Richard & Son Theater located in TriBeca. The show was put on by Z100. I’m prepping myself for my 2nd show there in a few weeks!

With her first album (Breakaway) selling through the roof, then the hype of her second album (My Decemeber) falling flat, her third album (All I Ever Wanted) is nothing short of awesome. Like the first, she’s pumped out hit after hit with more to come.

Below are videos and some pictures I was able to capture throughout the night. Coolest part? Kelly was done and an audience member screamed for her to play “If” by Janet Jackson (which she’s only performed twice) – and she did it! Her voice is off the charts and I hope people can start respecting her for her talent rather then bashing her for a few pounds. Enjoy!

Breakaway (Part 1)” by Kelly Clarkson – listen & download

“Breakaway (Part 2)” by Kelly Clarkson

“Breakaway (Part 3)” by Kelly Clarkson

“Already Gone (Almost Full) by Kelly Clarkson

Since U Been Gone (FULL)” by Kelly Clarkson – listen & download

“If (Janet Jackson Cover)” by Kelly Clarkson **rare

Kelly Clarkson Live @ PC Richard & Son Theater

Kelly Clarkson Live @ PC Richard & Son Theater

Kelly Clarkson Live @ PC Richard & Son Theater

Sound Booth @ Kelly Clarkson Show - PC Richard & Son Theater

Kelly Clarkson Live @ PC Richard & Son Theater

Outside PC Richard & Son Theater


“Do I have to tell the story of a thousand rainy days since we first met. It’s a big enough umbrella but it’s always me that ends up getting wet.” (‘Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic‘ by Sting & The Police)


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Subway Songs: 11.18

My iPod was definitely stuck in the 80s for the first few songs, and I loved every second of it – then we veered off track but it was worth it!

Dance Into The Light” Phil Collins

I Ran (So Far Away)” Flock Of Seagulls

Rosanna” Toto

Lose Myself” Lauryn Hill

Trampled Under Foot” Led Zeppelin

Dull To Pause” Junior Boys

Sex City” Van She

Very Busy People” The Limousines


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Scenes From A (Times Square) Restaurant











Here we go with the pop/punk again! Last night I (and my friend Stevie) attended the Forever The Sickest Kids album release (new album is – This Weekend: Friday) party at touristy Planet Hollywood in Times Square.

A super intimate setting with no more then 100 of their dedicated fans which was made up of 95% screaming teenage girls – holy converse (every color in the rainbow).

The team of 6 sat in high legged bar stools on a platform that just fit them all.  With acoustic guitars in hand they played 3 songs – 2 new and 1 old – for the crowd.  They answered questions, joked around and even hung after to take pictures and sign autographs.

After seeing them perform at The Bamboozle Festival last May and not knowing much about them, I was excited to see them in a smaller setting.  They killed their performance at the festival and even from way, way, way in back they still drew me in with their antics on stage.

FTSK seems to have a pretty standard following for their genre of music but they play on it well.  They were sweet and seemed ecstatic for their album to drop at midnight – they also didn’t get weirded out when a girl with TWO FTSK tattoos (yes TWO), bombarded them for photos and handed them a teddy bear.

All around good stuff and I wish them nothing but continued success!

Forever The Sickest Kids: Album Release Party @ Planet Hollywood

Forever The Sickest Kids: Album Release Party @ Planet Hollywood

Forever The Sickest Kids: Album Release Party @ Planet Hollywood

An FTSK Member @ Planet Hollywood

Jonathan (Lead Singer) from FTSK accidently sitting on Stevie HA!

Me & Stevie With A "Sickest Kid" @ Planet Hollywood


“Well they lived for a while in a very nice style, but it’s always the same in the end.” (‘Scenes From An Italian Restaurant’ by Billy Joel)


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Subway Songs: 11.17

Tiny remnants of this weekend’s dance moves seemed to surface during my commute today (thanks to the Brothers Kenny and the dance-aholic crowd at a wedding) – I even got laughed at on the subway! Did I blush and stop? No, I kept the show going.

  1. Keep The Car Running” Arcade Fire
  2. Bling (Confessions Of A King)” The Killers
  3. Lolita” Throw Me The Statue
  4. Good” Better Than Ezra
  5. Bankrobber” The Clash
  6. Over & Over” Hot Chip
  7. Rosanna” Toto


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The Zephyr Song


The XX















Intro – duh. VCR. Heart Skipped A Beat. Islands … keep it up and I might cry. And keep it up they did.  The XX was nothing short of awesome Wednesday (11/11) at Bowery Ballroom.

As me and Meg made our way to the foot of the stage, we couldn’t help but bounce to the trippy, energetic workings of opening act Jon Hopkins.  All by his lonesome on stage, he put together beats that shot right through you. To quote a friend, “this sounds so sick to us but look at him, could you imagine what this sounds like in his own head?” I’d kill to know.


Jon Hopkins Live @ Bowery Ballroom 11.11.09

As Jon Hopkins walked off stage from a room full of satisfied yet hungry for more concert goers, the room went dark and all you could hear was the sweet, sweet sound of the trio (sans 1 member) that took the stage next. Their music has an effect that puts you into an almost comatose state. Every part of your body relaxes and you want to just close your eyes and actually feel the music, not just hear it.  The subtle but oh so necessary background beats paired with the calming duo of voices make The XX a must see. Making their way through other hits like Crystalised and Shelter and so on, my live experience made me appreciate them even more as a band then my headphones could ever deliver.  The only negative? How emotionless and stationary they are on stage – but hey, it works for them!


The XX Live @ Bowery Ballroom 11.11.09


The XX Live @ Bowery Ballroom 11.11.09


The XX Live @ Bowery Ballroom 11.11.09


The XX Live @ Bowery Ballroom 11.11.09


The XX Live @ Bowery Ballroom 11.11.09


The XX Live @ Bowery Ballroom 11.11.09


“Fly away on my zephyr. I feel it more then ever. And in this perfect weather, we’ll find a place together.” (‘The Zephyr Song’ by The Red Hot Chili Peppers)


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